Your Account HELP


Below your Username, there are a number of tabs going across the page: “Home”, “Subscriptions”, “Payments” etc. Initially the “Home” tab is selected.

1 On the “Home” tab, you can change your details if you wish. Click on the “Save Profile” button when finished.

You can also change your Password by clicking on the “Change Password” link.

2 Now click on “Subscriptions”.

NOTE: If your previous membership expired before March 2023, then it won’t be listed here. To purchase a new membership, login, then choose REGISTRATION>REGISTRATION FOR ???? (whichever is appropriate).

There are 3 or 4 columns going across the page:

  • “Membership” shows the memberships you have purchased, with the newest at the top;
  • “Subscription” shows the expiry date;
  • “Active” shows if the subscription is active or not;
  • “Created” shows the date this subscription was taken out.

The final, right-most column, may show further links:

2a A “Renew” link is available if your subscription is “Active” and in-date. You will see the renewal form for the identical membership you already have. It shows the price for the membership, and the dates of renewal and expiry. Note that this time period is added on to the end of your existing plan.

If your subscription is “Inactive” and has expired, it will show “Subscribe” rather than “Renew”.

2b The “Change Plan” link is for changing your plan to a different one.

2c Corporate Account Parents will see a “Sub Accounts” link. This is covered in detail in the Group (Corporate) Accounts Handbook.

3 The “Payments” tab shows you the payments you have made since 6 March, 2023.

4 The “Logout” tab takes you back to the site’s HOME page where, at the bottom, you will see a Logout link.

For more details, there are two links on the right-hand side of all pages:

“Finding your way around your INDIVIDUAL account”; and

“Finding your way around your CORPORATE account”