Why can’t I get my password to work?

If you can’t get your password to work, contact me and I will flush out your registration and give you a temporary password, together with your Username.

Login with these details; I will have tried them on my own computer to ensure that they work.

Note that your browser may have already filled in the Username/Password boxes, remembered from when you last logged in, but these details may be incorrect. So click into the boxes and carefully delete everything in them before entering your login details.

You will know you are fully logged in when, on a desktop or laptop, a black stripe appears across the top of the window, with your name on the right-hand side. On a mobile device you may see a person icon on the right, clicking on which will reveal your name.

Once you are happy you are logged in, you should change the temporary password: choose YOUR ACCOUNT>EDIT YOUR PROFILE and enter a new password into the two boxes on that page.

When you know you can login successfully, the next time you do so you can click the Remember Me box on the login page; your browser will then pre-fill the boxes with the correct details each time you visit the login page.