What do I do after you have reset my registration?

Occasionally the only way I can get you logged in is to reset your registration. This also seems to help if you are being continually logged out.

Please make sure that in your browser settings you have cookies enabled.

I flush out your registration on my system and set you a Temporary Password. You now have to flush out your old details on your computer, so please follow these steps to get back in:

  1. I will have sent you your Username and a Temporary Password. I will have tested them here to check that they work.
  2. Open up a second window on my site, so that you can keep these instructions open.
  3. Choose LOGIN / LOGOUT, but before logging in with those details be aware that your browser may have already filled in the Username and Password boxes on the login screen. It’s easy to check that your Username is correct, but not so the Password, as it displays it as a series of xxxxx or ……. If this is the case, click into those two boxes and carefully delete all the characters that are in there before entering your login details.
  4. Do not click on the Remember me box at this stage.
  5. Click on the Login button.
  6. You know you are fully logged in when a black stripe appears across the top of the window with, on a desktop or laptop, your name on the right-hand side; on a mobile device you may see a head and shoulders icon, clicking which will show you your name.
  7. It is wise to use these login details for a few times to ensure that you can navigate the site successfully.
  8. Some people have been reporting that the Remember me box doesn’t always do what it says. Again, this function relies on cookies being enabled in your browser. Once you know you can login successfully, the next time you do so you can click on the Remember Me box so that your browser will, in future, remember your correct login details, and will pre-fill the Username and Password boxes for you. If your Remember me box fails to work, you will just not have to use it.