How do I set up a .csv file?

If you have more than a handful of people to add, it is easier to import them from a .csv file rather than adding them individually.

You need to have your choir members’ permission before you can include them as members of your group. You need just three pieces of information for each person; their first name; their last name; their email address.

You need access to a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Take the following steps to prepare your file:

  1. Row 1 is the header row. It defines the contents of the three columns you are going to use. These headers have to match exactly the headers in my program waiting for your data (it doesn’t matter what order your columns are in, as long as the data in each column matches the header):
    • Column A: first_name (note lower-case, and an underscore, not a hyphen)
    • Column B: last_name (note lower-case, and an underscore, not a hyphen)
    • Column C: email
  2. Rows 2 to whatever: your choir members’ data to match the headings.

Save the file in comma separated value (.csv) format.