What is the Group Owners’ Dashboard for?

When you first purchase a group subscription, you use your group dashboard to add those people in your group who you want to be members.

You access the Dashboard by logging in, then clicking on the GROUP OWNERS’ DASHBOARD link which is available on the right-hand side of every page, just below the Search Boxes

In the Add Group Members section you can add an individual person. Fill in the First Name, Last Name and Email boxes and click on the Add Member button. This last action sends out an Invite email to the person,

In the Import Group Members section you can import a prepared .csv file that contains the data for all your choir. Click on the Choose File button to navigate to the file on your harddrive, then click on the Import CSV button. Ensure you have prepared the file correctly (See How do I set up a .csv file). This sends out the Invite emails to all those in the .csv file. Click here to see the pro-forma email that gets sent out to your members.

Once added, you will see all your members listed under the Group Members section. There is a search box which accepts either your member’s username or their email address – useful for large choirs.

If a member you have added was already a subscriber to my site, my system will pull over the information it already holds. An invitation email will still be sent.

For each member you will see:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Role:
    • Invited: is the Role when a person is first invited. It indicates they have been sent their group invite email, but that they haven’t yet responded to the invite.
    • Member: is the Role when a person has clicked on the link contained in their invite email, which link also takes them to their Profile page so that they can enter their own private password.
    • Admin: is the Role you can give to a “Member” if you want them to help in managing your members.
  • Actions you can take, which vary depending on what Role they currently have:
    • Remove from Group: you can apply this action to all three Roles.
    • Set as Member:
      • you can apply this action to those having the “Invited” Role. This should be applied sparingly as it invalidates the link in the invite email, clicking on which will now take them to the Home page rather than their Edit your Profile page. This is no good if they haven’t set their password. In this case advise them to use the “Lost your password?” link on the Login page.
      • you can apply this action to those having the “Admin” role, in order to remove their admin status.
    • Resend Invite: you can apply this action only to those having the “Invited” Role, to be used if the person says they have lost their invite.

There are three further sections to the Dashboard:

  1. Add Group Member
  2. Import Group Members
  3. Group Settings

These sections are self-contained so click on its relevant button to complete your task before proceeding to another section.