Rehearsal files for 2018/2019 Concerts

Here is the list of pieces we are performing in concerts during the remainder of 2018 and early 2019.

Click on an item and it will take you to the page containing the rehearsal files for this piece.

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War Requiem information
On 2 May, Matthew gave out a list of the places in the War Requiem that would be the focus of the Workshop on 5 May 2018. These “difficult bits” are listed below as they are probably a focus for any revision you might like to do over the summer for rehearsals starting in September.
1 Requiem Aeternam. Opening to Fig 3 (pp1-6) and Final chords (p19)
2 Dies Irae. Section 52 to 56 (pp59-66) and Section 30 to 33 (pp33-37)
3 Offertorium. Section 64 to 69 (pp77-84) and Section 79 to the end (pp95-102)
4 Sanctus. Section 85 to 89 (pp104-112)
5 Agnus Dei. All (“for tuning and pitch”) (pp125-129)
6 Libera Me. Opening to section 113 (pp130-151) and Final chorus (pp167-179)

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