The Sixteen Choral Workshops 2018

The Sixteen Choral Workshop 2018

Rehearsal files for 2018 Choral Workshop Series

Here are the links to all the pieces we will be looking at in the 2018 Choral Workshops series. Click on an item and it will take you to the page containing the rehearsal files for this piece. You will need to be logged in before you can gain access to the sound files.

Please note that the Cornysh excerpts in these files do not correlate to the excerpts in your score. The excerpts we will be looking at the in the workshop can be found in the following files:

  • Excerpt 1: 1 Salve Regina (00:00 – 00:52)
  • Excerpt 2: 2 Ad te clamamus (00:39 – end of track)
  • Excerpt 3: 8 O dulcis Maria (All)

If you have any problems accessing these tracks, please contact Amy (