A number of you have been kind enough to send me comments and thanks:

From Rachel McC., England, 6 January 2013

“What a treasure your web site is. I wish I’d found it long ago. You will be such an assett to our choir. We’re newly formed – and finding our way with a real mixed bag of abilities so getting the balance right regarding the amount of note bashing is a challenge.”

From Barbara D., Chester, England, 18 November 2012

“Thank you so much for saving me hours of time, and for sharing your gift of music with everyone.”

From Jane P., Dublin, 28 September 2012

“Thanks for all your rehearsal files. I joined a small and (very) amateur choir last year in Dublin, where I live. I have not sung since I was in college, 30 years ago, so I’ve found your website very helpful.

I’ve just downloaded the Bob Chilcott arrangement of “Steal Away”. We were introduced to the music on Thursday night, and we botched it royally. The timing threw everyone off. I was so happy to find it on your website. It’s beginning to make sense.

Again, thanks so much!”

From Gordon B., Wick, Scotland, 28 August 2012

“I am immensely in awe of the resource you have made available.

I have spent a few years scrambling round the ‘net looking for rehearsal files for our choir and to find your website is absolutely fantastic.”

From David P., Victoria BC, 20 June 2012

“Your upgraded site looks great. The scale of it is quite formidable. I spoke with a young singer last Sunday who can’t read music very well who thinks it’s a godsend. It has given her some confidence to come prepared when otherwise she might not come at all.”

From Michael B., England, 9 May 2012

“So many thanks for your “resource”. I do not read music at all well and typically need to programme myself  via rehearsal audios such as yours. I very much look forward to using your material now and in the future.”

From Ruth A., Port Macquarie NSW, 21 March 2012

“Thanks so much! We at … in Port Macquarie NSW are very glad to have discovered such a great resource!”

From David P., Victoria BC, 12 March 2012

“My choir in Victoria, BC, Canada will be singing William Child’s Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis at next Sunday’s evensong. Your rehearsal files have been so helpful to learn music in a hurry and on the go over the last year since discovering them on your site. This Mag and Nunc is fairly challenging and longer than average it seems and I thought of asking if it might be possible to impose on you to add the work this week. It is cheeky to ask but if there is a way…

If not possible this time, we will be learning the notes, timings harmonies in our own analog ways. This isnt even on Youtube to listen to. We are a sort of pick-up group with different choristers signing up every week. If you can manage to make a Sibelius file too we would be very grateful. I have no idea what this request entails on your part as far as input time but perhaps others around the world may be able to use it too in the future.

It seems Child’s piece was a showstopper in its day but it’s new to us.”

I was able to send it within a few days

From Marion R., England, 11 February 2012

“I would just like to thank you so much for such a good web site, since we had a new Music Director at church just over 12 months ago I have found the site invaluable. Trying to learn the alto part for a new motet most weeks has been made so much easier. You have got such a large repertoire that most things are covered and when it isn’t I go on a wing and a prayer.”

From Barbara B., London, England, 7 February 2012

“Thanks … for such a fabulous site – so easy to download parts even for this  pretty geriatric member of Royal Free Music Society.  I may no longer sing like an angel – did I ever?- but at least I should now hit the right notes some of the time. Very grateful for all your efforts.”

From Kathy D., Ottawa, 21 January 2012:

“I have been singing church music and classical music for many years and have sung in concerts, evensongs, etc. and oh, boy! Do I wish I had found your site years ago.It is just wonderful.I just wanted to congratulate and thank you!!!

Have passed the link on to both my choirs. I am sure you will have many grateful visits.I have added your site to my favourites and will be sure to check it any time I need to review, or to learn something new.”

From Margaret S., 4 December 2011:

“This is just to say thank you for producing such a wonderful and helpful website.  The amount of work you have done is mind-boggling!  Our choral society has just had four previously unknown carols thrust upon us, and this resource is fantastic!”

From Susan T., Winter Park, Florida, 5 October 2011:

“I just want to thank you for your kindness in making these rehearsal files available to everyone. It is certainly a labor of love of music to spend the time to create, organize and share your work and it is very much appreciated.”

From Jill G., Victoria, Australia, 21 August 2011:

“I would like to thank you, I used your rehearsal music to get ready for our Stanford fest which was held this afternoon.  It was a blessing as I could get my alto part just right! Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into your site – it is just great!”

From Adrienne C., 8 June 2011:

“I have just chanced upon your mp3 for Lotti Crucifixus and think it’s a wonderful resource. There are so many out there but usual the sites are so disorganised etc ..”

From Rose S., Plymouth, England, 7 June 2011:

“Thank you for your marvelous midi files.”

From Gerna G., Netherlands, 11 May 2011:

“I like to thank you for the wonderfull website that I just discovered. You did a great job. It will help me to rehearse my music parts that we are going to sing with the choir in which I’m singing.”

From David P., Victoria, BC Canada, 9 May 2011:

“Your rehearsal files are very much appreciated already by many around the world no doubt! This message is to add another note of appreciation from Victoria, BC Canada. Even for those who can read music or play an instrument, your files make learning the scores very efficient and portable. I just found your site three days ago when looking for any recording of the Llewelyn “This Joyful Eastertide” – “Alleluia” indeed on discovering your work. I have started to tell fellow choristers to have a look as we do lots of the same repertoire as you – being Anglican and all.

It’s a ton of work obviously but very helpful.

Thank you”

From James B., Cardiff, Wales, 4 May 2011:

“Some delightful person wants this SATB arrangament of ‘Wonderful World’ sung at their wedding next saturday. Any chance you could do a rehearshal files for it please??”

I sent it within 24 hours.

From Alice B., Darlington, England, 24 April 2011:

“Happy Easter – and thank you very much for your website, it’s a brilliant idea and a great help!”

From Rebecca H., Norwich, England, 25 March 2011:

“I sang Evensong yesterday – Thomas Tallis: Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (from the Short service) and Shephard Preces & Responses, all practised while busy in the kitchen thanks to your website. I’d been asked to sing and had learnt 1st Alto but got bumped up to 1st Soprano after 10 mins of pre service practice when they realised someone wasn’t coming. Thanks to having been able to listen to all the parts while learning the alto it was much easier than completely blind sight-reading as I haven’t sung the Tallis before.”

From Kate D., England, 19 March 2011:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your site – what a God-send!
I have recently joined a church choir for the first time and have found week after week that I have just one rehearsal for a new anthem or whatever before having to do it for real on Sunday. I’m not a musician, nor a natural music reader, so sight reading for me has become a huge learning curve!! With your resource I am now happy to be attempting ‘God So Loved The World’ tomorrow in the absence of my one fellow alto!

Thank you once again, and I don’t doubt I will be visiting your site again – fantastic!!”

From Marcel D., Delft, Netherlands, 17 March 2011:

“Last Sunday, one of our choir members died … Her family asked us to sing Notre Père from Maurice Duruflé at her funeral next Saturday. Since we’ve never sung that piece before, we’re very glad we found the midifiles on you site. It’s a great help for us to study the music in such a short time.”

From Martha E., Virginia, USA, 5 March 2011:

“You are amazing! Thank you so much! May I move there [to England] and join your choir??”

From James B., Cardiff, Wales, 30 December 2010:

“Many thanks for this [Basil Harwood’s O how glorious is the kingdom]. Your website is a massive help to my choir.”

From Per v D., Sweden, 6 December 2010:

“Thank you so much for this!”

From Lizzie S., UK, 3 October 2010:

“That is so fantastic [doing Caesar’s Missa Brevis]. I have shared this with the other choir members – thank you so very, very much.”