Summertown Choral Society

Rehearsal files for our 2021 zoom choir

Here are the rehearsal files. You will need to be logged in before you gain access to the sound files.

Verdi:  Va pensiero

Chorus of the Hebrew slaves (VerdiG)

Bach:  Rüht wohl (John Passion)

Passion (BachJS) St John BWV 245

Vivaldi:  Gloria

Gloria (VivaldiA) RV. 589

Mozart:  Ave verum

Ave verum corpus (MozartWA)

Mozart:  Kyrie from C minor Mass

Mass (MozartWA) K. 427 in C minor Great

Handel:  My heart is Inditing

My heart is inditing (HandelGF)

Bruckner:  Locus iste

Locus iste (BrucknerA)

Haydn:  The heavens are telling (Creation)

Creation (HaydnJ) Oratorio

Mozart:  Laudate Dominum

Laudate Dominum (MozartWA)

Handel:  The king shall rejoice

King shall rejoice (HandelGF)

Fauré:  Cantique de J Racine

Cantique de Jean Racine (FaureG)

Dvorak:  Songs of nature

Songs of nature (DvorakA)

Monteverdi:  Ave maris stella (Vespers 1610)

Vespers (MonteverdiC) 1610

Purcell: With drooping wings (Dido)

Dido and Aeneas (PurcellH) Choruses

Bach:  Jauchzet, frohlocket (Christmas oratorio)

Christmas oratorio (BachJS) BWV 248

Handel:  Zadok

Zadok the priest (HandelGF)

Parry:  I was glad

I was glad (ParryCHH)

Berlioz:  Shepherds’ Farewell from L’enfance du Christ

Shepherds farewell (BerliozH)

Ives:  Sweet nightingale (from 3 Oxfordshire folksongs)

Sweet nightingale (IvesG)

Ives:  Seeds of love (from 3 Oxfordshire folksongs)

Seeds of love (IvesG)

Ives:  Green bushes (from 3 Oxfordshire folksongs)

Green bushes (IvesG)

Ives:  Songs of Ariel

Songs of Ariel (IvesG)

Bach:  Lobet den Herrn

Lobet den Herrn (BachJS) BWV 230







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