Staveley Choral Society

Staveley Choral Society

Rehearsal links for postponed concert at Unitarian Chapel, Kendal – DATE TO BE ADVISED


Links for pieces for Billy’s Birthday Bash (currently planned for 3 October 2020) – May yet be postponed.


Not in concert order as yet

Clear and gentle stream (FinziG)

Glow-worms (EdwardsPC)  Wordsworth Poem

To a butterfly (OsgoodC) Wordsworth Poem

Daffodils (OsgoodC) Wordsworth Poem

Ode to joy (BeethovenLV) arr. DewagtereB

Sure on this shining night (LauridsenM)

Creation (HaydnJ) Oratorio – The Heavens are Telling & Awake the Harp

Dorothy Walks (currently being written for SCS)



IDEAS SPRING FORTH (Unitarian Celebration)

In concert order apart from Nkosi sikelei (Wendy will let us know where this will be sung)

1-  Hymn to the trinity (TchaikovskyPI)

2-  Rhythm of life (ColemanC) arranged by BarnesR

3-  May the mystery of God enfold us (CarterA)

4-  Fleurs et les arbres (Saint-SaensC)

5-  Irish blessing (ChilcottB)

6-  Where have all the flowers gone (SeegerP) arranged by RandallW

7-  Psalm 148 (HolstG)

8- Under the Neem Trees (Not available sorry)

9- For the beauty of the earth (RutterJ)

10 – Waste (RandallW)

11- Ubi caritas (DurufleM)

12-  Old Deuteronomy (WebberAL)

13-  Sunrise sunset (BockJ) arranged by RandallW


Nkosi sikelel iAfrika (SontongaEM) arranged by RhysE

Any questions or help needed please email

Thanks Clare