Your security

[Last updated 16 March, 2023]

This whole site uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocol, signified by the lock symbol in the URL Address Bar. This means that all data such as Usernames, Passwords, and Credit/Debit Card details are encrypted.

Your data

I will not pass on any of your data to other organisations, other than the two payment gateways that I use: Paypal, and Stripe. They need your name and email address in order to process your payments and send you a receipt.


For Credit Cards, you need to enter your email address and your credit/debit card number and 3 digit CVC number, and sometimes the date of expiry. My site doesn’t retain this data; rather it is kept on servers of the payment gateway used, either PayPal or Stripe.

For PayPal, you are taken to their website for the payment, so my system doesn’t see any card information.

Stripe payments use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which means many card payments require a form of two-factor authentication.

In both cases your information is transmitted under the SSL protocol.


You pick your own Username, which is non-changeable. You pick your own Password (I’m not allowed access to existing passwords) and I recommend that you change it at least once a year. For your Username, you can pick any name you like (my system will warn you if someone has already used that name), or you can use your Email address. You also need to create your Password.

When you login, and your login details are correct, you gain access to the site. If you forget any of these pieces of information, choose HELP>AFTER REGISTRATION for various hints and tips.

General security

I use WordFence, a security system specifically designed for WordPress sites. This checks constantly for suspicious activity such as Password hacks, changing core files, and other such rogue behaviours. When any are discovered the IP addresses of those responsible are blocked.