Searching Hints

Searching hints

You will find the Search box at the top-right of every page.

If you know what you are looking for

The main rule for successful searching is the fewer words the better. So I suggest you enter the composer’s/arranger’s surname and one keyword from the title. You should then be presented with quite a short list of pieces, in alphabetical order of title. At this stage you won’t see the sound files, even if only one item matches your search.

If your searched-for item is there, just click its title and you will be sent straight to its main page.

For out-of-copyright pieces, you will see a “Click here for the sound files” link, clicking which will take you to the Dropbox folder holding all the files for this piece.

For in-copyright pieces, the “Click here…” link only shows after you have logged in.

If the item you are looking for isn’t there, enter your search once again, perhaps choosing a different word from the title. If still no result then I probably haven’t done rehearsal files for this piece. As a final check I suggest you contact me and I may be able to get it done for you.

NOTE: For in-copyright pieces, if you did the search before logging in, you won’t see the sound files; just log-in, and you should be taken back to your search result.

Once you have successfully found the page you want, why not Bookmark it so that you don’t have to carry out the search again. Most browsers have a Favourites/Bookmark function that you can set up to hold your commonly accessed pages.

If you just want to browse

Every piece of music is allocated at least one Category, either sacred, or secular. For Sacred I have added further Categories. Also, I’ve given every piece of music the Category ‘FREE’ or ‘PREMIUM’, signifying whether they are out-of-copyright (and are available for everyone) or that they are in-copyright and only available for those with a paid-for membership. There is a Search Box provided so that you can limit your search to a Category, which you pick from the dropdown.

Finally, every piece of music is given a Tag: upper voices, mixed voices, or lower voices. I have also tagged the various music books. There is a Search Box provided so that you can limit your search to a Tag, which you pick from the dropdown.

These Categories and Tags appear on the right-hand side of most pages. Just click on the one you want to browse.