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Renaissance Singers – Songs for Upcoming Concerts

Upcoming concerts

Here are some files for our 2024 upcoming concerts. Others are to follow. You can play them by clicking on your part.  If you wish to save a part to move to eg your iPhone, click on the song below (you can only move one at a time), then click on “Click here for the sound files”, find your part and put the cursor on it, then move the cursor to the right and click on “Download”. At the very bottom of the download window click on the Or continue with download only. Download it to a folder you have made for this concert’s songs. Then you can transfer the files to Music on a Mac (was iTunes) or to similar on a Windows such as VLC music player. I then Sync my iPhone to Music on my Mac and the files are then on my iPhone. Or, you can use the Drop Box which is made available on this site. Unless you have saved the files you will need to log in each time you come back here.

You might want to bookmark this page in order to get straight back here. To explore other songs use the search box to your right.

Any problems chat with me.


Coverings (RitchieA)

Procession winding around me (VanJ)

Three Mexican folk songs (ConteD) SATB

Tre liriche (MarinoR)

Romancero gitano (Castelunuovo-TedescoM)

Godwits (RitchieA)