Which membership is right for me?

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Individual Accounts

Individual Membership – Free

You need to register in order to gain access to the sound files. If you only require files for out-of-copyright material, then choose the “Individual – Free” option. The Free account never expires. If you want access to in-copyright material as well, then you will need a paid-for subscription.

Free membership still allows you to visit and search the whole site, both for in- and out-of-copyright material, but you will only be able to play and download out-of-copyright material. You will be able to play these out-of-copyright files through your browser and/or to download them to your hard drives. For MP3s you can then load them onto any mobile device. The Free membership plan never expires, but you have the option to upgrade for a paid-for individual plan at any time (ensure you’re logged in, then choose YOUR ACCOUNT>YOUR MEMBERSHIP). On this Free plan you may play and download as many out-of-copyright files as you wish.

Choose REGISTRATION>REGISTER to subscribe to the Individual Free plan.


Individual Membership – Paid-for

Paid-for subscriptions for individuals allow you to use the whole site, gaining access to both in- and out-of-copyright material. There are plans for 1 Year, 6 months and 3 months time periods

This option is for individuals. It entitles you to visit the whole site, and to play all the files through your browser and/or to download them to your hard drive. For MP3s you can then load them onto any mobile device.Three weeks before your subscription expires you will receive a reminder email to renew. During your membership you may play and download as many files as you wish. You must not upload any of my in-copyright MP3 soundfiles to a website; choose HELP>COPYRIGHT for reasons why not.

Choose REGISTRATION>REGISTER to subscribe to an Individual – Paid-for plan.


Choir/Group Accounts

Choir Membership

NOTE 1: If you already have a choir membership taken out before 31 March 2017, then you can continue using that until it expires. It is in a level called “Choir Temporary Holding”. You will be sent an email three weeks before your subscription expires. I will then delete the old-style membership, and you will need to purchase one of the new-style ones. If you want to take advantage of the new-style group membership before your existing old-style one expires, contact me and I will give you a Discount Code equal to any unused period to use against the new purchase.

Prices: these are scaled to take into account the size of your choir. In all cases the the cost per member is between £2.00 and £2.99 per person for a year’s membership.

If you know that you will only be requiring out-of-copyright files, then there is no need for a group account; everyone just needs to get their own individual Free account.

If you already have a personal membership from my old system with the same email you intend to use for the choir, you will need to contact me to delete your personal account. I will issue you with a Discount Code to use against the new choir subscription.

Choir paid-for memberships entitle all members of the group to visit the whole site, both for in- and out-of-copyright material, and to play all the files through browsers, and/or to download them to hard drives. For MP3s you can then load them onto any mobile device. You may put links from your website to pages on my website, but you must not upload any of my in-copyright MP3 soundfiles to your website. Choose HELP>COPYRIGHT for reasons why not..

Decide on an appropriate choir Username. It should reflect the name of the choir. Decide on a choir email address. If your choir has a website and a spare email address, then use that. If not you can use a personal email, but it must be different from any already in use on my site.

Decide how many members of your choir need access: some may already have a subscription with me, either an individual one or with another choir; some may not have the need to use rehearsal files. So, don’t count these people in when deciding how big a subscription you need.

Each subscription will have a number of “seats” allocated to it. For example, the Choir40 subscription will have 40 seats.

If you purchase a subscription that proves not to be the right size, you can elect to purchase a different one at any time. After the first Group Account purchase, my system will know how much you paid, and how long you have been using it, so it will work out the correct pro-rata rate before charging/crediting you. You don’t need to wait till the subscription expires.

If you decide you need fewer seats, again you can purchase a lower subscription, but if you have filled your seats and are over the quota for the new lower subscription, you will be prompted to delete the requisite number of members accordingly. Any refund will show as a credit in the Group Account.

The Group Owner invites other choir members to join the group, so needs to arm themselves with the following details for each member they wish to invite: Email Address, First Name, Last Name. Then the Group Owner can either: add each person individually; create a .csv file and load them all up in one go; or let me manage this for you, but I would need you to get permission from each member before sending me their details. Here is a sample .csv file available to show you the format:


Don’t forget to include the the three labels in the first row: email, first_name, last_name. The fourth column headed “password” is not required at this stage, so do not include that column in your .csv file.

Once you have added people, the “invite” email will be sent to the members. They accept the invite and they will be automatically logged in and directed to their “Edit your profile” screen, where they can enter their individual password.

The system will use their Email Address as their Username. They just need to think of a Password.

So, each member of the group has their own username (their email address) and their own password. There is no sharing of Username/Passwords.

The Group Owner can recruit help to set up and maintain the account. Just “Set member(s) as Admin” member, who will have access rights to add/edit/delete choir members from the account.

When one of your members next logs in, it may useful for them to tick the “Remember Me” box: this will make things easier for them the next time they log in.

Quick instructions for completing the registration screen for Choir group accounts

This is to be completed by the Group Owner.

  2. Username: base it on the choir name
  3. Email: Choir email or, if there isn’t one, use a personal email (this is the one where the Group Owner’s “Lost your Password?” link responds to, and where my system sends all admin emails. It mustn’t already be being used on the site)
  4. Your First and Last Names
  5. Password: This is just for you as the Group owner, not for anyone else
  6. Choose your subscription level, guided by how many members you need seats for
  7. Enter a Discount Code if I’ve given you one
  8. Group Name
  9. Group Description: Brief description of your choir
  10. Choose Payment Method and fill in details
  11. Prove you are a human
  12. Click on Register. If you are not taken to the Group Dashboard, click on the Group Dashboard link below the Search box. Group Owner should be already filled in with your details
  13. All the other seats: Member’s First name; Member’s Last name; Member’s Email (this will be used by the system as their individual Username). These are entered one at a time, or you can import a .csv files and do them all at once
  14. The system sends out the “Invitation to join” email
  15. Each member accepts their invitation, and are taken to their “Edit your profile” page to enter their chosen password. Their details are already filled in; all that is required is for them to choose their passwor

Every member of the Group has their own Username and Password, and cannot see anyone else’s.


All this takes much longer to explain than to do. If you have any problems choose HELP>CONTACT ME on the top menu, quoting your Username and giving me as much information as possible.

In summary:

  1. Choose a member of the Choir to be the Group Owner.
  2. This person selects the membership subscription that best suits your choir and pays the appropriate fee.
  3. Go to the Group Dashboard and start adding your other members, and the system sends out the  “Invitation to Join”
  4. Your members accept the invitation, and are taken to their “Edit your profile” page where they can enter a Password.

Other options?

If you don’t think you fit into any of these options, then contact me to discuss.