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Individual Accounts

Individual: Paid-for

With one of the “Individual: Paid-for” memberships, you will be able to play all files through your browser and/or to download them to your hard drive. You can then load them onto any mobile device that will play them, but in the case of in-copyright files, you can only do this if those devices belong to you. You must not share any in-copyright files with others.

There are three options for Individual: Paid-for memberships:

  1. Individual – 4 Months – £4.40;
  2. Individual – 6 Months – £6.60; and
  3. Individual – 1 Year – £11.00.

At the end of that period you can renew for the same period of time, or you can choose a different time period.

If you are invited to join a choir’s Group (Corporate) account, you won’t be able to do this whilst you still have an active paid-for subscription. You will need to wait until your existing membership expires. Note that all my files are available in exactly the same way; there is no difference between being a member of a group, and having a personal paid-for membership.

With a paid-for membership you may play and download as many files as you wish.

Please add me to your email contacts so that your system recognises my addresses, replacing (at) with the @ symbol, and (dot) with the full-stop . :

john_fletcher (at) mac (dot) com
email (at) johnfletchermusic (dot) org

It is also worth visiting your email provider’s website and logging into your email account there. Then you can add my two email addresses to your Safe Address list. This will ensure that your email will be delivered to your computer, and not kept by your provider thinking that I am trying to spam you.

Choose REGISTRATION>REGISTRATION FOR INDIVIDUALS to subscribe to an Individual: Paid-for plan. Just follow the process through logically.