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Individual: Free

You need to be registered before you can gain access to the sound files. If you only require files for out-of-copyright material, then this “Individual – Free” option is for you. The Free account never expires. If you want access to in-copyright material as well, then you need a paid-for subscription:  click here.

Free membership still allows you to search the whole site, both for in- and out-of-copyright material, but you will only be able to play and download out-of-copyright material. You will be able to play these out-of-copyright files through your browser and/or to download them to your hard drive. You can then load them onto any mobile device that will play them. The Free membership plan never expires.

You have the option to upgrade for a paid-for individual plan at any time: ensure you are logged in, then choose YOUR ACCOUNT>YOUR MEMBERSHIP and click on the “Upgrade your membership” link.

If you are invited to join a Group Account, you don’t need to cancel this plan. Just give your name and the email address you have used for this free account to the person who is organising the group account.

On this Free plan you may play and download as many out-of-copyright files as you wish.

Please add me to your email contacts so that your system recognises my addresses, replacing (at) with the @ symbol, and (dot) with the full-stop . :

john_fletcher (at) mac (dot) com
rehearsalfiles (at) johnfletchermusic (dot) org
email (at) johnfletchermusic (dot) org

It is also worth visiting your email provider’s website and logging into your email account there. Then you can add my three email addresses to your Safe Address list. This will ensure that your email will be delivered to your computer, and not kept by your provider thinking that I am trying to spam you.

Choose REGISTRATION>REGISTER to subscribe to the Individual – Free plan. Then follow the process through logically.