Registration for Corporate Group Accounts

Registration for Group (Corporate) Accounts

If you only require files for out-of-copyright material, then there is no need for a Group (Corporate) Account; advise individuals to register for an “Individual – Free” account.

Group (Corporate) Accounts are aimed primarily at choirs, but not exclusively so. If there are four or more people willing to club together, then it is much cheaper to go for a Group (Corporate) Account rather than have four Individual paid-for memberships.

One person is the Group (Corporate) Account Owner (Parent), and chooses the number of Sub Accounts (Seats) to match the number of people expected to join. There are accounts available for a range of sizes, starting at 15 Sub Accounts, incrementing by 5 at a time to 50; then incrementing by 10 at a time to 120. The Owner (Parent) gets their own access, so doesn’t need to be accounted for.

There are three time periods: for 4 months, for 6 months, and for 1 year.

For all sizes of Group (Corporate) Accounts, the cost per seat (sub account) is:

4 months: £0.90 per Sub Account;
6 months: £1.35 per Sub Account;
1 year: £2.20 per Sub Account.

So for example, the costs for a Group (Corporate) Account for the owner (parent) + up to 15 other people, are:

  1. Group: 15 Seats – 4 Months – £0.90 per seat = £13.50
  2. Group: 15 or more seats – 6 Months – £1.35 per seat = £20.25; and
  3. Group: 15 or more seats – 1 Year – £2.20 per seat = £33.00

There is a Group (Corporate) account for two people, that is, the owner (parent) + 1 other person, costing only one-and-a-half times the price of an Individual membership:

  1. Group: 2 seats – 4 months – £6.60;
  2. Group: 2 seats – 6 months – £10.00; and
  3. Group: 2 seats – 1 Year – £16.50.

Payment and account control is limited to the Owner (Parent); this means the other members don’t concern themselves about the status of the account. Members get their own Username and set their own private passwords. This is necessary in order to abide by the European Union’s GDPR privacy legislation; the sharing of login details is positively discouraged.

With a Group (Corporate) Account, the Owner (Parent) and the individual members may play and download as many files as they wish whilst that account is still active. You can then load them onto any mobile device that will play them, but in the case of in-copyright files, you can only do this if those devices belong to you. You must not share any in-copyright files with others.

Please add me to your email contacts so that your system recognises my addresses, replacing (at) with the @ symbol, and (dot) with the full-stop . :

john_fletcher (at) mac (dot) com
email (at) johnfletchermusic (dot) org

It is also worth visiting your email provider’s website and logging into your email account there. Then you can add my two email addresses to your Safe Address list. This will ensure that emails from my site will be delivered to your computer, and not kept by your provider thinking that I am trying to spam you.

Choose REGISTRATION>REGISTRATION FOR GROUPS to subscribe to a Group (Corporate) Account plan. Just follow the process through logically.

Then choose from the top menu ACCOUNT>YOUR ACCOUNT and click on the Subscriptions tab. Then, in the final column, click on the “Sub Accounts” link to start adding your members.

There is more detailed information in the Group (Corporate) Accounts Handbook link, which you will find on the right-hand side of all my pages.