Registration Failed message

“Registration Failed” message

In October 2019 I suffered repeated brute force attacks by malicious robots. I was advised to put an extra level of security on my registration/renewal/upgrade page. I am using Google’s reCAPTCHA v.3 which works in the background. It is not visible to the user (other than as an icon on the bottom right of the window).

It attempts to assess whether a user is a robot or a human, mainly by judging the speed at which you are entering data and how you are moving around the screen. If you don’t pass all its tests, it decides you could be a robot. You then get the message: “Registration failed”.

Please don’t take this personally as occasionally it gets it wrong. If you get this message, try one more time, but take things a little more slowly. You could also try using a different computer/device and/or a different browser. If you still get the same message let me know, quoting the subject “Registration Failed”, and I will sort things out a different way.