Non-receipt of emails

Non-receipt of emails

Invitations to join a group, receipts for payments, email confirmation, expiry reminders and reset password requests are all sent to the email address you registered with me. Email providers have systems in place to identify spam/junk. As you may not have had emails from my website before, your provider may decide all these are junk/spam. In order to ensure your email client doesn’t do this, it helps to add my two website email addresses to your client list on your computer – replace (at) with the @ symbol:


It may be worth adding my personal email as well, but that is less likely to suffer from being bounced:


Some email providers go even further, and they decide not to deliver these emails to your computer, rather keeping them in your email account on their website. So if you are not receiving my emails, go to your email provider’s website and log into your email account, adding my addresses there: look in Settings for something like Safe Addresses list.

Huge thanks to Nick L. of Hexham Orpheus Choir, and John C. of Crescendo, who have quite independently come up with a solution.

Nick has kindly written up very clear instructions for BT addresses, but the principles also apply to other email providers such as hotmail, yahoo, outlook, google. I give him thanks for letting me provide a link to them:

Instructions for allowing my emails through to you

Another reason that my emails may not get through to you

You may have installed a blocking system which issues a request to the sender to click on a link to allow the email through to you. I declare that I never click on this type of link, having once been spammed back as a result, so if you do have this kind of security installed, please tell that program that I am OK.

If you have any type of spam protection on your email program, and you want to use my site, it is your responsibility to add my email addresses to your “Safe Addresses”, or White List, to allow my emails through.