Midnight Choir Wahroonga 2019 rep

Wahroonga Midnight mass choir rep for 2019

How far is it to Bethlehem SSA How far is it to Bethlehem (WillcocksD)

Whence is that goodly fragrance flowing SSA Willock Quelle est cette odeur agreable (WillcocksD) SSAA

Angelus ad Virginem  for melody part only not for harmonies Angelus ad virginem (WillcocksD)

Jesus Christ the apple tree Jesus Christ the apple tree (PostonE)

The Coventry Carol Victor C Johnson Coventry carol (JohnsonVC)

Stille Nacht Gruber/Rutter Silent night (GruberF) arranged by RutterJ SSA

Candlelight Carol Rutter Candlelight carol (RutterJ) SSAA

A ceremony of carols: procession Ceremony of carols (BrittenB) 3-part

The Angels Carol ssa Rutter Angels carol (RutterJ) SS