Login sharing to end at 0800 British Summer Time on 28 March 2018


On 28 March 2018, I will be preventing multiple users from logging into the same account simultaneously, using the same Username/Password combination. From that date everyone will need to have their own individual Username/Password login.

This is something I have been leading up to since I upgraded the membership system on 31 March 2017. With this new system I was able to introduce group accounts which gave the members of a group individual logins.

What this means

Once a person logs in, if someone else logs in using the same Username/Password combination, the second person will gain access to the site, but the first person will be logged out immediately.

Who this may affect

Individual Accounts

There may be individual subscribers who share their login details with other members of the family. If it is only one other person, I have introduced a Couple Membership, which allows a second person to have access for half-price. If there are four or more people sharing, then it is more cost effective to choose the Choir15 subscription. Choose REGISTRATION>SUBSCRIPTIONS and click on the Couples link to see how you should be using couples accounts.

Group Accounts

I notice that there are quite a number of group accounts which have only one or two seats filled. I assume that the members of the group are sharing one Username/Password between them. The group owner of these accounts needs to invite their members to join the group, so that they will get their own personal login details. Choose REGISTRATION>SUBSCRIPTIONS and click on the Choir Membership link to see how you should be using group accounts.



By introducing this measure, I am better able to comply with data protection, specifically The General Data Protection Regulation that will come into force on 25 May 2018. More on that nearer the time.


John Fletcher
30 January, 2018