Levowan XII

In 2015 Director and Conductor Marcus Alleyne found he was spending the majority of his time working with choirs, orchestras and other musical ensembles and very little time maintaining his own musicality. Spending some 20 years as an active chorister he was keen to return to singing himself, and it was from this passion for vocal and choral excellence that Levowan XII was born. 

In an attempt to offer and maintain a high level of choral chamber music, across the South West of England, all members of Levowan XII are so by invitation only. With only 12 voices, Marcus thought it important that every member had the ability to sight-sing, to be adaptable in tone and, more importantly, to have the ability to blend with other voices. It took about one year to really settle into singing with some early changes to the set-up, but in 2016 the choir managed to establish itself remarkably well. 

For a tiny choir, we deliver a vast repertoire spanning some 500 years and covering almost any genre, including major works with piano, organ or chamber orchestra accompaniment, unaccompanied pieces of music and we have the ability to sing in a number of languages including Latin, French, German, Italian and Russian. 

We have featured on local television and radio and have also made appearances for the BBC and ITV. We have firm links with both British and international composers and arrangers and have premiered several pieces of their work here in the UK. We have also been fortunate enough to perform alongside the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. 


Winter Programme 2021 – ‘In Her Eyes’

This is the Truth (1) On Christmas Night – Chilcott
Adam Lay bounded On Christmas Night – Chilcott
A Spotless Rose – on Christmas Night – Chilcott
The Cherry Tree Carol – on Christmas Night – Chilcott
O Little Town – On Christmas night – Chilcott
Sweet was the Song – On Christmas Night – Chilcott
Rejoice and be Merry – On Christmas Night – Chilcott
This is the Truth – On Christmas Night – chilcott

Sussex carol – Hagenberg
Huron Carol – Forrest
Mid Winter – Chilcott
Fum Fum Fum – Parker/Shaw

Youtube Tracks – no harmony lines

Still still still – Hoelscher
All Praise to Thee – Hagenberg 
Silent night – Forrest
The First Mercy – Warlock (SSA)