Kearsarge Chorale

Kearsarge Chorale

Rehearsal files for April 26, 2020 concert

Here are some of the pieces we are performing in our next concert.  Click on an item and it will take you to the page containing the rehearsal files for that piece.  You will need to be logged in before you gain access to the sound files.

Included on this page are links to YouTube performances.  In many cases, there are both YouTube performances and John Fletcher part files.

Omnia Sol


Good Night, Dear Heart


Goodnight Moon


Over the Rainbow

Over the rainbow (ArlenH) arranged by HayesM


Five Days that Changed the World

Five days that changed the world (ChilcottB)


Voices of Earth



Chansons des roses (LauridsenM)

Pronunciation Guide


Stars I Shall Find


The Road Not Taken


Earth Song

Earth song (TicheliF)