Inputting to MuseScore

Inputting music into a music program such as Sibelius, Finale or MuseScore

If you want me to create files for music where the copy you have provided cannot be read by my score-reading software (such as of poor quality, is heavily marked, is handwritten), then I am still happy to create rehearsal files for you as long as you (or someone you know) is willing to spend the time entering the music into a score-writing program.

You will need to enter each voice onto a separate stave, but I only need the notes: I do not need dynamics, slurs, accents, words (lyrics). For accompanied pieces I do need the accompaniment part.

Once you have done that, you can send me the file from the program (I can read Sibelius and MuseScore files), or export it as Music XML and send me that. Most other music programs will be able to export as Music XML.

I would also need the original copy as a .pdf to check against.