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I have sung for a large number of choirs and conductors over the years, and have come to the conclusion that, no matter a person’s capabilities, no-one likes to take too much time up in rehearsal “note bashing”. So to help with this, I have created rehearsal files for people to use, at their computer, or to download to MP3 players and the like.

I supply:

  • a file for each voice part (Soprano, Alto, etc.) that has that voice part enhanced, the other voices being much quieter;
  • a Full Voice part, which has all the voices together at the same volume. It will also have the accompaniment (if the piece has one);
  • an Accompaniment part, which will have the accompaniment enhanced, with the voice parts very quiet in the background.

With these you can become more proficient in your own time, whilst doing your chores around the house, whilst driving, whilst waiting at airports/doctors’ surgeries, or whatever.

Here you can find soundfiles for all kinds of music in the following formats:

  • For music out-of-copyright: MIDI and MP3 files. Recent additions also have Music XML and Avid Scorch files.
  • For music still in-copyright: MP3 files.

All out-of-copyright music has been given the “free” page category; you just need the “Free” membership option to play those files.

All in-copyright music has been given the “premium” page category; you need one of the paid-for membership options to play those files. You also, of course, get access to the “free” files.

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The soundfiles only contain the notes: there are no words.

I do not provide soundfiles for the following:

  • Non-choral items
  • Solo songs
  • Operas / Musicals (unless items have been arranged and published specifically for concert performance by choirs)
  • Hand-written scores
  • None of the soundfiles produces words – all you get are the notes

I do not provide sheet music. I do not provide Compact Discs nor Cassettes.

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