Group Accounts Thank You page

Thank you…

…for subscribing to a Group Account.

Group Accounts work differently from Individual Accounts. The account is still in your name and is your own personal account – just with the added facility of being able to add extra members to your own subscription. So the Username and Password you chose is just for you, and should be kept private. All the members you decide to invite to join your group will have their own Usernames and private passwords.

You can view your own membership details by choosing YOUR ACCOUNT>YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

Your next step is to invite your members to the group. This is done by going to your GROUP OWNERS’ DASHBOARD. There is a link to do this on right-hand side of every page of my site, just below the Search Boxes.

There is a full description of how group accounts work: click on the Group Accounts Handbook link which you will find on the right-hand side of all my pages.

Adding a member immediately triggers an invite email to that member, sent to the email address you have entered for them. Please advise them that this will happen; if the email doesn’t arrive in their Inbox, they should check their spam/junk mailboxes. If it is not there, they may be suffering from their email provider keeping my emails in the member’s email account on their website. Another member researched this and has put together on his choir’s website some instructions to follow to ensure that all my emails do get delivered properly. It mentions UK BT addresses, but it applies to other email providers. Click on the “Not receiving my emails?” link which you will find on the right-hand side of all my pages

Once you get settled into running the group, you may wish to consider creating a choir page on my website. The intention is this can hold links to the titles of the pieces you are rehearsing, so that your members only need to visit the one page to see the list of links to the rehearsal files. Here’s the link for more information on this:

Choirs can create their own page

Please contact me if ever you need help with running a Group Account, and I am also happy to receive queries directly from your members.