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On 20 May, 2022 Google decided that all emails from my website are “unsolicited”, so they blacklisted my site’s IP address and bounced your emails back to me.

UPDATE 26 May, 2022

Google are now delivering my emails to you, but marked as Spam. SPAM will appear at the start of the Subject heading, and the email will be put into your Spam mailbox. When you display that email, there should appear a “Not Spam” button. Clicking on this not only moves the email back to your Inbox, it also indicates to Google that my address is not producing spam emails, and eventually they will remove the spam label.

If you are expecting a response from my site, and don’t receive it in your Inbox, check your spam/junk mailboxes. If you still don’t find it, get in touch with me using the HELP>CONTACT me form.

In the meantime, I’m told it will help to add my email addresses to your contacts list:

Google may be blocking them before they even get sent to your computer, so visit their site and login to your email account, and then add my addresses there as well. It could be something called “Safe Addresses” or some such. You will need to search through the preferences.

Many thanks,
22 May, 2022 (updated 28 May 2022)