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      Paul Barrett

      It’s not a big problem John, I can deal with it, but I thought I would mention it.

      Thank you for such a swift response.

      It’s a great site

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      John R. Fletcher

      Hi Paul,

      I wasn’t aware of this kind of additional data being held in MP3 files. I am no technical wizard, just a jobbing singer who is self-taught as far as the workings of a computer is concerned.

      The computers, and the few MP3 players that I have had experience of, don’t have this problem. No-one else has mentioned this to me in the 15 or more years that I have been providing rehearsal files.

      And I don’t always number the files, often going for just the title. I then put the movements in the right order on the page. Presumable your system ignores this and puts them in the alphabetical order.

      I will have a word with my technical guy, but at the moment I won’t be changing my naming protocol.


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      Paul Barrett

      I have just joined this great site.

      I have downloaded Karl Jenkins – The Armed Man so that I may play it on my Sonos sound system to rehearse in whichever room I happen to be. There is one problem. The mp3 metadata Description area > Title has the track titles listed as 1, 2, 3 which means that Sonos (and other music players?) list the tracks in alphabetic order instead of numeric

      4 etc

      The fix is to edit the properties so that the titles are entered as 01,02,03 etc. I have done it, but it’s a bit of a chore.

      Is it possible the production process could be adapted to use the 01,02 … format, please?

      To be clear this is the track title in the metadata NOT the file name.

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