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      John R. Fletcher

      Hi Sue,

      Please get in touch via the HELP>CONTACT ME form so that we can discuss this further.


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      Sue Meek

      Dear John
      I am so grateful for all the help you give me as I prepare for the three choirs to which I belong. This Summer I am attending a workshop on various a capella pieces including three of Macmillan’s Strathclyde Motets, one being Dominus Dabit Benignitatem, which I have found here, but we also have to prepare Data est Mihi Omnis Potestas and Factus Est Repente which I haven’t found. I just wondered (impertinently I know) whether you would consider adding to your collection of Macmillan works? I thought it was worth asking even if I receive a negative response!

      Sincerely – and with gratitude – this is a really helpful site

      Sue Meek

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