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    John R. Fletcher

    Hi Fiona,

    I have answered by email, as you also contacted me that way.

    To everyone else:

    Speeds are so subjective.

    I always check other recordings, as well as the composers markings, before deciding on a speed. Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s is just a fraction slower than mine.

    The point to note is that this movement is usually sung by soloists.

    If a piece is particularly fast, I will invariably provide a slower version, but even that has its pitfalls as I was berated once by a person claiming it was too slow. That is why I provide a list of apps that are available that gives all control over to the user, note just speed but pitch can be altered: choose HELP>HOW TO PLAY THE FILES.

    Anyway, I have just uploaded a slower version. I hope that suits better.


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    Fiona Bechtler

    I am new to the site and find it tremendously helpful as I have enjoyed several pieces already. The choir I am in is rehearsing Magnificat in D Bach — Suscepit Israel. We sing it significantly slower and in listening to other recordings, it too is played much slower than the recording on this site. What do you think?

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