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      Frances Quintrell

      Really sad about this, I find the bookmarks so useful, I sing in 3 choirs with loads of music each term and I can easily run through each choir’s music one after another. I guess I’m the only one. 🙁

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        John R. Fletcher

        Yes it is sad but, as I said, you can do all of this with your browser’s bookmark function. Set up a bookmark folder for each of your choirs then, as you find a page you will want to come back to, simply choose Bookmark and the folder you want it to go in. I can get this to work in Chrome and in Safari, and I’m sure other browsers have the same functionality.

        If ever I do come across a bookmark function better than the one I’ve tried (and one that doesn’t slow the site down), I will consider installing it on the site.

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      John R. Fletcher

      The Bookmark function has been running for 6 months. I was never happy with its implementation, but I couldn’t find anything better.

      However, I now find that is interfering with other parts of the site, slowing things down, and leaving remnants of itself in the oddest of places.

      So I will be switching the function off at the end of July 2018.

      All is not lost: every web browser has a similar function, called either Bookmarks or Favourites. Simply create Bookmark/Favourite folders in your browser, then when you have found a page on my site that you know you will want to keep returning to, just use your browser’s bookmark function.

      I will leave the function on this site running till the end of July in order to give you time to duplicate any bookmarks you have made on my system, but after that date all bookmarks on my site will be deleted.

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