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      John R. Fletcher

      I can see nothing wrong with that Parry piece – all the links to the files are set up the same as all the others.

      I have just tried it on my iMac with Safari, and there is no problem.

      The result you are seeing is usually caused by your browser offering the option to “Save Link As…” (which is what Chrome does) rather than “Download Linked File As…” which is what Safari does.

      And links are always saved as .html files.

      If you are using Chrome, what you have to do instead is: Click (without Ctrl) as you would do when you play through the browser; and then click on the 3 vertical dots. This offers the Download option.

      Hope that sort you out.


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      lynda beament

      I’ve been successfully using JFM for years – great service. However for first time ever attempts to download mp3 files have been unsuccessful.I am a mac user and use the ‘control/click’ route but instead of the mp3 file get an html file ie 1 My soul there is a country RR Soprano.mp3.html. I don’t know why this is happening. Any ideas?

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