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      John R. Fletcher

      About 9 months ago I realised that the storage capacity on my server was fast approaching full. My current hosts wanted to charge quite a large amount of money to add extra storage, so I researched other options.

      I decided to use Dropbox to store out-of-copyright files, and started the long process of going through and updating them before transferring them over.

      Despite my careful research, this decision hasn’t proved the correct course of action. Many of you were experiencing difficulties in downloading the files, mainly because a different procedure had to be followed.

      It has proved to quite confusing to you, my members, so today I bit the bullet and purchased more space on my existing host.

      In future I will be putting all my files onto my usual server. It will take me a while to transfer all those out-of-copyright files back, but will start on it immediately.

      This will mean that there will be just the one, trusted, procedure for playing or downloading my files, save for the differing quirks of the myriad of mobile devices and browsers.


Viewing 0 reply threads
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