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      John R. Fletcher

      Non-Receipt of Emails 2
      Resolved (hopefully). I have just heard back from Microsoft. It appears anyone with a Microsoft address can mark tell them that an email they have received is spam. Microsoft then blocks the senders address without investigation.

      I have now been “Conditionally mitigated”.

      This note is of particular relevance to those who have email addresses owned by Microsoft. The addresses concerned are, among others:
      When you register with my site, you should receive the following emails, generated automatically by my membership software:

      Acknowledgement of your registration, with brief guidance on how to use the site;
      An email containing a link for you to click on to validate your email address;
      If you registered for a paid-for subscription, a thank you, and, an invoice.
      You will also receive system-generated emails if you ask for a password-reset.

      New members added to group subscriptions will also be sent an invite from my website.

      Over the last few days, Microsoft have decided to block my website’s IP address and put it on their block list S3140. Despite my contacting them and filling in forms, they still haven’t removed it.

      I have been in touch my web host, who say I have to be patient and wait for a few days before anything will happen.

      In the meantime, when I notice a system-generated email has bounced back, I endeavour to re-send it from my own personal address.

      If you have one of the above email addresses and are expecting an email from my system that doesn’t arrive, please contact me: choose HELP>CONTACT ME, and I will try to sort things out for you.


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