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    John R. Fletcher

    Do I have your correct email address? My system will occasionally send emails to you (such as subscription expiry reminders), but I regularly get emails bounced back to me because they no longer exist, usually because members have changed their email. I got one for a address – Tesco closed down their email provider service in June 2018.

    To check I have the correct email for you, choose YOUR ACCOUNT>EDIT YOUR PROFILE. If your Username is different from your email address, then you can change the email address on that page.

    If your Username is the same as your email address, then you will not be able to make the change; choose HELP>CONTACT ME explaining the situation and I will do it for you.


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    Chris Johnston

    Yes. You do have my correct address. Thanks. Chris Johnston

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    Chris O’Connell

    Sorry it’s… [removed for security]

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      John R. Fletcher

      Thanks Chris. I have removed your address above as this is a public forum so everyone would see your address…

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