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    John R. Fletcher

    When I started the site with a different host and different software, the only option was for me to manually create all the indexes. This was prone to errors, bad links, etc. all of my own doing. And was very time consuming.

    A quick search of WordPress plugins doesn’t show any reliable solution to this, and what is there would only be available for me as Admin to run, not you as a User.

    Perhaps someone else can come up with a solution.


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    Peter Harris

    Thanks John

    That method is useful but there is too much information on the left hand side for a quick scan of what’s available.

    An option of a simple list of titles/composers without the expanded information would do it. The same would work for the search results.

    Don’t get me wrong, the expanded information is really useful but sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

    An option to export the search results as csv would then be easy to add

    …Just a suggestion. It’s a great site


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    John R. Fletcher

    Hi Peter,

    No there isn’t. There are over 5,700 pieces on the site at the moment, and I am adding to it daily, so it will be a very long list.

    I am no computer wizard, so wouldn’t know how to go about providing this. The only thing I can suggest at the moment is for you to click on each of the “JohnF’s Page Categories” items on the right-hand side of each page, where you will get a list by title of everything in that category, and Save each page from your browser.

    Let’s see if anyone else may have a better idea.


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    Peter Harris

    I have just joined one of my choirs to your site (Alcester Singers) and about to do the same for my other (Musyck Anon).

    Is there a list of files in a text format (txt, doc, pdf etc) which I can download and print as an index for easy reference as to what is available?

    That would be very useful if you don’t already provide it

    Peter Harris

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