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    John R. Fletcher

    I am always happy to receive suggestions for adding pieces to the site. When the suggestion is for a published piece, I go the source (a score or, for out-of-copyright pieces, a .pdf). I apply quality control since being let down in the past when I uploaded a file unchecked only to have pointed out later numerous errors therein.

    So the answer is a Yes, with provisos. For out-of-copyright music there shouldn’t be too much of a problem; for in-copyright pieces expect the answer to be No, unless you are the composer.

    Also note that I use the Sibelius notation program, so can accept files in .sib format; also I can accept MIDI and Music XML files for pieces out-of-copyright. If the files are in different format, they would need to be exported from the original program in Music XML format.


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    Tony Gibbs

    bump by me, so that I can set to receive replies by e-mail.

    Kind regards,

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    Tony Gibbs

    Hi John and fellow singers,

    When I was preparing to sing in a deanery choir, I was learning pieces at short notice that I could not find MIDI or MP3 files to note bash along too.

    So I created my own MIDI from the scores using Noteworthy Composer and they helped me to learn the parts and give the glory to God.

    Can we contribute files like those if we have created them ourselves?

    Thanks again for a great site.

    Kind regards,

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