Finding your way around Your Corporate Account

Finding your way around Your Corporate Account

This page describes how to find your way around your ACCOUNT page, including the information I hold about you, how to renew/change your account, and how to manage your Sub Accounts.

To access your account, logon, then choose YOUR ACCOUNT>ACCOUNT from the top menu.

  1. This brings up the YOUR ACCOUNT page. You will see your Username, and a number of linked tabs: “Home”, “Subscriptions”, “Payments” etc. Initially the “Home” tab is selected:

Here you can change your details if you wish, such as the email address, but NOT if your Username is the old email. Contact me in this case. Click on the “Save Profile” button when finished.

You can also change your Password by clicking on the “Change Password” link.

2. The next tab is “Subscriptions”:

Here you see 6 columns:

  • “Membership” shows the memberships you have purchased, with the newest at the top;
  • “Subscription” shows the expiry date;
  • “Active” shows if the subscription is active or not;
  • “Created” shows the date this subscription was taken out;
  • “Card Ex.” is not used.

The final, right-most column, shows further links:

2a “Renew” is available if your subscription is “Active” and in-date, otherwise it will show “Subscribe”.

This is the renewal form for the identical membership you already have – the same number of seats and the same time period. It shows the price for the membership, and the dates of renewal and expiry. Note that this time period is added on to the end of your existing plan.

Check the two Terms of Service, and, Privacy Policy checkboxes so that they show a “tick”, and click on the “Sign Up” button. Then complete your payment details on the next screen.

2b “Change Plan”:

This is for changing to a plan for the same time period, but with a different number of seats. Click on the Down Arrow on the right to display the other plans for this time period. It shows the prorated price for the plan: the value of any unused portion of your current plan is deducted from the usual price of the new plan. Note that the change to the new plan is applied immediately, so the new plan starts afresh. Click on the plan your require, and then click on the “Select Plan” button.

Check the two Terms of Service, and, Privacy Policy checkboxes so that they show a “tick”, and click on the “Sign Up” button. Then complete your payment details on the next screen.

To change to a plan with a different time period, wait until your current plan is about to expire. You can then either click on the links at the bottom of the page to see all the other plans, or you can choose REGISTRATION>REGISTRATION FOR ????, for the time period you need.

2c “Sub Accounts”:

NOTE: If you have had more than one Corporate plan, ensure you click the “Sub Accounts” link for your current Active plan. For those of you who are long-term users of this site, note that this was previously called the “Group Owners’ Dashboard”.

This tells you the name of your Choir or Group (if you entered this information on the “Home” tab).

If then states how many, out of how many, Sub Accounts you have used.

Scroll down the page to see the list of your “Sub Accounts”:

There is a list all your current Sub Accounts, in alphabetical order of Last Name, 10 to a page. The columns are fairly self-explanatory, but note that “Last Login”, and “Logins” only show data after 6 March 2023. Be aware that people may login just the once, and download all the files they require. This way they can continue to use the files without logging in again, so the figure given doesn’t necessarily reflect their pattern of use.

If a Sub Account holder no longer requires to be a member of your plan, click on their “Remove” button. This removes them from your plan, but their registration details still remain on the site, in case they wish to join another corporate plan, or to purchase their own individual plan.

For those with large plans, there is a “Search Sub Account” box which searches all the columns.

To add (more) people to your Sub Accounts, I recommend you use METHOD B as outlined in the Group (Corporate) Accounts Handbook. You do this by giving your prospective members the “Signup URL”, which is just below your Sub Accounts list (see screenshot above). Click on the page icon to the right of the URL, which copies that link to your computer’s clipboard, and then email that link to the people you wish to invite. They will see a registration page to your Corporate plan, where they can choose their own Username and Password. You can see this page yourself: logout first then click on that link:

They complete all the boxes (except for “Corporate Account: Name of Choir or Group). They check the two Terms of Service, and, Privacy Policy checkboxes so that they show a “tick”, and click on the “Sign Up” button. There is nothing for them to pay because you have already purchased the plan. They will receive acknowledgement that they have joined your plan, and they will appear on your list of Sub Accounts.

You can add a person to your Sub Accounts yourself. Scroll up the page and click on the “Add Sub Account” button:

The “Add Sub Account” form is divided into two sections (note the “- OR -” circled in RED).

The single box above the – OR – is for adding people who have previously registered on the site. You enter their “Existing Username” into the first Box. Leave ALL other boxes blank. If they have forgotten their Username, they should logon and choose YOUR ACCOUNT>ACCOUNT where it will be shown.

If you (or they) don’t think they have registered before, leave the first Box blank and complete the other 4 boxes below  – OR -. Then click on the “Submit” button.