Site Migration

It has been recommended that I upgrade the site to Cloud Hosting, in order to cope with the growing number of visitors I am getting. Unfortunately, the present webhosts don’t offer Cloud Hosting, so I have purchased a plan with a different company.

I have done a test migration of the site, but there will be more testing to do in the coming days. I hope to be up and running on the new site in a week or so.

The new site’s URL will remain the same:, and it won’t look any different from you are used to. Nothing has changed for the time being, but I expect to be able to improve various things at a later stage.

I expect to start the migration proper on Monday, 30 January, 2023 starting around 0730 GMT (London time). Just before that time I will put this site “Under Maintenance”, which means it won’t be accessible.

I don’t know how long the migration will take to complete; it could be just a few hours, or it may be a few days. I will do my best to keep it as short as possible.

If there are any files that you will need to use next week, I suggest you download them to your computers/devices before Monday morning.

The message “Error establishing a database connection” is happening once or twice a day. The current webhost is aware, and it only causes the site to be down for 5 minutes or so. If you get the message more often, it could be because your browser is fetching the page from the previous visit from its cache/memory. In this case, I suggest you clear your browser’s cache; use a different browser; use a different computer/device; if you only have one, shut it down completely and restart it.

If this happens whilst you are visiting, go and put the kettle on, because it should be back up by the time you return.

17 January, 2023
(Updated 26 January, 2023)