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Your Email Address

Your email address is important to me, as it is the only way I can contact you. It is where your password reset notifications are sent and, for those with paid-for subscriptions, it is where your subscription expiry notices are sent.

I receive quite a number of bounced emails back, for a range of reasons: no such address; mailbox full; mailbox unavailable; mail box blocked. So do take care when registering that your email is correct.

I occasionally get an email returned asking me to click on a link to activate some spam protection software. I won’t do that as the one time I did I got caught out with spam and other problems. If you have some blocking software, please add my name and address as safe.

If a response you are expecting doesn’t arrive, please check your spam/junk mailbox. If it’s not there, please check I have your correct address: choose YOUR ACCOUNT>ACCOUNT to see your details.

If you change your email address you can change it on that page. But if you use your email address as your Username, you will need to contact me to make the change.

Many thanks,