Dropbox files

Dropbox files

[Last updated: 15 April, 2024]


All my sound files are now stored on Dropbox. You don’t need a Dropbox account to access the files, even though Dropbox shows buttons to “Sign in”, “Sign up”, etc. Ignore those buttons.

The “Click here for the sound files” link on all my pages takes you directly to folder containing those files, bypassing any need for you to be a Dropbox customer.

The majority of Dropbox pages will have a bright blue “Copy to Dropbox” button, but that is aimed at those people who do have a Dropbox account, and wish to use it. As I said before, there is no requirement to have Dropbox account, so non-Dropbox account holders should ignore that button as well.

You may be shown a button to request to “Join the folder”. Ignore that as the link as arriving from this main website ensures you have access.

I will not see Comments made via Dropbox; use the HELP>CONTACT ME form on the website if you need assistance.

The process

The screenshot below are from my Apple iMac, using Chrome browser. Be aware that the display may be different for other computers/devices such as tablets, and for different browsers. But the principles will be the same.

I will take you through how to search, find, then play the files on this site. As an example, I wish to find the files for Mozart’s Mass in C minor “Great” K. 427, edited by Robert Levin, and to play the Soprano 2 files.

  1. Other than admin-type pages such as YOUR ACCOUNT, there is a Search Box on the right-hand side. Here’s the one on the HOME page:

2. There are 25 or so Mozart  masses on my site, so it’s best to enter into the Search Box:

mozart 427

This found 7 results, which are in alphabetical order of editor or publisher (Mozart is complicated!). Publisher and edition will always be shown so that you can identify the edition you require. Note that for many pieces there may be SSA, SAB and SATB versions:

3. To go the Main Title Page for this edition, I clicked on its blue heading:

“Mass (MozartWA) K. 427 in C minor Great ed. LevinRD”:

The Main Title Page shows the full page for out-of-copyright, Free titles. For in-copyright, Premium titles you need to be logged in to an active paid-for membership. Otherwise you will be shown the Login form. Completing that will reveal the full Main Title Page.

4. Once you are on the Main Title Page, below the publisher information there is a “Click here for the sound files” link. Remember, for in-copyright pieces, this link only shows if you have logged in with an active paid-for membership plan.

Below that link there may be notes such as “Starting at Letter A”. For multi-movement works there will be a list of the individual movements.

5. Clicking on the “Click here for the sound files” link takes you away from my site, and into Dropbox. You may see two options depending on your browser and its settings: “View via Dropbox App”; and “Continue to Dropbox website”. You may need to scroll lower down the page to see these. If you don’t want to download the Dropbox App, choose “Continue to Dropbox website”.

You will be taken directly to the main folder on Dropbox where the files for this piece are stored:

The red box at the top that I have marked, shows the buttons that you should IGNORE. Below that box (you may need to scroll) is the list of folders for this piece, a folder for each of the movements.

As this Mozart piece is a multi-movement work, this Dropbox Main Folder shows the movement titles in the order the appear in the piece. For the sake of this example, I am interested in Movement 09 Credo:

6. Hovering over the 09 Credo line will reveal a “Copy to Dropbox” and a “Download” button. But be aware that using either of those on this page will give you ALL the voice files for this movement. Instead, click on the movement title on the left:

Finally, this brings you to the last folder holding all the sound files.

Note that the files are NOT in score order; rather they are in alphabetical order of voice. So Sopranos, for example, will no longer see their part at the top of the list. A typical listing will be:

…RR Alto.mp3
…RR Bass.mp3
…RR Choir.mp3 *
…RR Piano.mp3
…RR Soprano 1.mp3
…RR Soprano 2.mp3
…RR Tenor.mp3
…mp3 This last file is the Full Voice version

* I started including this file in April 2024. It is for the choir parts at equal volume, but with the accompaniment much quieter.

For out-of-copyright pieces there are also MIDI (.mid), MusicXML (.mxl) and Sibelius (.sib) files, but note that Dropbox doesn’t provide a means of playing these files; clicking on them will download the file to your computer/device, not play them.

To dowload, hovering your mouse over a voice sound file will reveal a “Download” button on the far right.

To play/stream, click on the title of the voice MP3 file.

7. You will will be taken to Dropbox’s MP3 player. This may appear differently depending on the computer/device/browser that you are using. It is advisable to turn mobile devices on their side to view in landscape mode.

This has a graphical representation of the MP3.

On the Transport Bar at the bottom, to play (stream) the file, click on the arrow on the left, and click again to pause or stop. There are more buttons to change the speed, to go back/forward 10 seconds, to adjust the volume. On the far right there is a button to play in Full Screen,

For this particular file, the voice doesn’t enter until 00:23 from the start. You can see this by looking at the height of the vertical bars in the graphic. You can drag the play dot left and right to start wherever you wish.

Multi-movement works

Once you have finished with the voice part for one movement, click on your browser’s Back button until you are back at the page listing all the movements, and choose another movement.