Dropbox files

I started transferring the free, out-of-copyright sound files to Dropbox storage over two years ago, and completed that task around six months ago. I did this because my current webhost’s servers were struggling with the amount of streaming and downloading it was having to do. Moving the files to a separate storage facility passes all that work away from my current host.

I have now started to move the premium, in-copyright files over.

I am also rearranging the links on my pages. Rather than the table of individual links for each voice part, there will be just one, linking directly to the relevant folder on Dropbox.

Note, though, that the files in the Dropbox folders are NOT in score order; rather they are in alphabetical order of voice. So Sopranos, for example, will no longer see their part at the top of the list. A typical listing will be:

…mp3 This last file is the Full Voice version

14 December, 2022 (updated 20 December, 2022)