Donations, and other payments

I am providing a “Donate” button here for people who may feel the need to make an extra contribution to the running of this site (minimum £4.00). This Donate button has no connection with the membership system, so to register, choose REGISTRATION>SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you want to renew an existing membership, login then choose YOUR ACCOUNT>YOUR MEMBERSHIP and click on the link to renew or change your membership.

Occasionally, I may direct people to this page even when it’s to do with membership. That is fine.

Via PayPal

The “Donate” button above takes you away from my site and sends you to the PayPal payment system; you don’t need to be a member of PayPal – just choose to “Check Out as a Guest” to pay by Credit/Debit Card (minimum £4.00).

Other options:

Via Internet Banking

You may pay directly into my bank account. Please send an email to say you have done this, and if the payment is for a membership, state which membership level you are purchasing.

My bank details:
HSBC Bank plc
John Robert Fletcher
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GB32HBUK40280625282918
Branch Identifier Code (BIC): HBUKGB4105C

Note that most banks only allow a limited number of characters in the “Reference” field, so please ensure your name, or username, appears at the beginning of your reference.