When I first started this site, I provided Sibelius Scorch files for all out-of-copyright pieces.

But Scorch hasn’t been updated since around 2011, and since then hasn’t been supported by Avid, who now own Sibelius. Browser technology has changed, and most modern browsers no longer provide elements that Sibelius Scorch relied upon to run.

On this site you are likely to find more and more Sibelius Scorch files not working.

I have decided, therefore, not to provide Sibelius Scorch files for any new additions after 31 March 2016. As time permits I will be removing the Sibelius Scorch; I can offer no support for those that remain.

I will still provide MIDI files, but I will also provide Music XML files. Both of these will load into Sibelius, and transfer easily to most other music software programs, for example the free MuseScore2, which is an open-source music program. It runs on both Apple and Windows machines. Importing either Music XML files or MIDI files into MuseScore2 will give you the flexibility of Sibelius Scorch. Just choose the Full Voice file, which you can then manipulate within MuseScore2. I am happy to add Music XML files for any out-of-copyright piece on the site which don’t already have them.

In addition, MuseScore2 also has an app. available, for both iOS and Android tablets/phones for a small cost. Once the files are in MuseScore2, you simply export them to your mobile devices.

I have also started to add Avid Scorch files (not to be confused with Sibelius Scorch files). These are .sib files which can be loaded into the latest Sibelius program, but they can also be loaded into the Avid Scorch app on an iPad (about the same price as the MuseScore2 app), giving you the same functionality as Sibelius Scorch (and more) – I know, not much use if you don’t own an iPad.