Corporate Accounts Handbook Addendum

Group (Corporate) Accounts: a handbook for Account Owners (Parents): Addendum

Move Sub Accounts from an old plan to a new Active Plan

(Last update: 8 March, 2023)

If your Sub Accounts haven’t moved over from your old plan to the new one:

  1. Login and choose YOUR ACCOUNT>ACCOUNT from the top menu, and then, a bit lower down, click on the “Subscriptions” tab;
  2. Click on the “Sub Accounts” link for the old plan;
  3. Scroll down to below the Sub Accounts list and click on the “Export Sub Accounts” link which downloads a .csv file to your harddrive;
  4. Go to the “Subscriptions” tab again and, for the new plan, click on the “Sub Accounts” link;
  5. Scroll down to Import Sub Accounts via CSV; click on the “Choose file” button, and navigate to the file you exported in 3. above;
  6. Click on the “Upload CSV” button;
  7. Go to your old, inactive plan again, and remove all your Sub Accounts for this plan;

This leaves you with the new active plan, containing your Sub Accounts; and the old inactive plan with no Sub Accounts.