Continually logged out

Continually logged out

Are you being continually logged out of my site, when navigating from page to page?

I have had to put some extra layers of security onto the site (click here for the reasons why I have had to do this), and this, for just a small number of members, means that they are being continually logged out when using the site.

The first thing to check in your browser settings is that you have Cookies enabled. Doing this should ensure that you remain logged in for your session, until you explicitly logout by choosing LOGIN / LOGOUT and click the Logout link.

The next thing is to clear out your browser’s history. Note that this will clear out your login data for all the sites that you visit, so make sure you know your login details for those site.

If that doesn’t sort you out, contact me to flush out your registration and reset it. If you would like me to do that, please complete the form below.

Note that when I start to sort out your registration, my system may send out an automated email containing a link to set your password. IF SO, PLEASE IGNORE THAT EMAIL. I am unable to disable it unfortunately. You will receive a lengthier email from me personally when I have sorted it.

Completing the information about your computer would help me discover why it is happening to just a few people, but don’t feel obliged to provide this.