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Contact me

After submitting this form, you will receive two emails:

  1. An immediate automated reply from my website, confirming receipt, and including a copy of your submission;
  2. A little later, a real-live reply from me, and from my personal email address.

If you don’t receive these, then it will be for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have mistyped your email address. If so, please check it and submit a new form;
  2. Your email settings on your computer/device are such that emails from my addresses are being directed to your spam/junk mailbox. Please check there and, if present, move them to your Inbox. Then add my three addresses to your Contacts list;
  3. Your email provider is being particularly over-zealous in protecting you from what it feels is spam, so will not even send on my replies to your computer/device, instead keeping them in your email account on their website. So, go to your provider’s website and login to your email account there. Then look in your spam/junk mailboxes, find my responses, and move them to your Inbox.
  4. Whilst on your provider’s website and in your email account, go to Settings and add my addresses to your Safe Addresses list (it may be called something different by your provider).

My addresses are:

Replace (at) with the @ symbol, and (dot) with the full-stop . :

john_fletcher (at) mac (dot) com
email (at) johnfletchermusic (dot) org