Changing the Membership system

New Membership System

2 April 2023

The new membership system has now been running for 4 weeks.

From my end I see it has proved to be a worthy successor to the old system. Towards the end of the old system, there many “Database connection errors”, and “Bad Gateway errors”, and I feel the site is now much more stable.

Many thanks for your patience during the changeover.

6 March 2023

Phase Two now complete. There are many things for me to sort out, but I did want to get the site back up and running as soon as possible.

5 March 2023

Phase One is complete

Phase Two (Under Maintenance) start tomorrow Monday 6 March, at 0700 GMT (London Time), but should only last 2 or 3 hours. There will no access to the site while I complete the transfer to the new system.

There will be a screen showing any updated messages.

3 March 2023

Phase One has started:

  • No new registrations are possible for the moment;
  • No changes to existing memberships are possible: e.g. updating/changing/renewing memberships;
  • Editing of profiles not available, so not possible to change your name or email address;
  • Group Owners’ Dashboard de-activated: No changes can be made to your group.

You can still access all files applicable to your membership level and status.

2 March 2023

Phase One may start on Friday, 3 March. Phase Two (Under Maintenance) may start Monday 6 March, and may last 2 or 3 days.

Sorry this is so fluid.

28 February, 2023

I will be changing the membership system over to a new program during the week beginning Monday 6 March, 2023 [changed to Friday 3 March, 2023] (still subject to change).

There will be two phases:

PHASE ONE: I will export the membership data from the old system and import it into the new. Whilst this is happening, I need to turn off payments, which means that new visitors won’t be able to purchase a paid-for membership. Nor will it be possible to renew or change existing memberships.

Group Owners should also note that I will remove access to your Dashboard, so you won’t be able to add/remove members. You and your members will still be able to gain access to the site. If Group Owners create new Choir Pages for their group during this phase, the page will be lost after the final transfer; you would need to re-add it, so I suggest you refrain from creating new pages during this process.

The site will still be available for the searching, playing and downloading of files.

Phase One may last 4-5 days, starting on Monday 6 March, 2023 [changed to Friday 3 March, 2023] (still subject to change).

PHASE TWO: Once all the membership data has been transfered, the site will be put into Maintenance Mode  whilst the final change is made. There will be no access to the site during this phase.

Phase Two should only take 1-2 hours [changed to 2-3 days – sorry] to complete.


28 February, 2023