Brute force attacks

Brute force attacks

Over the last few weeks (mid-October 2019) the site has been subjected to brute force attacks on the Login page. These are malicious computer robot programs that bombard that page with so many made-up logins that the system grinds to halt and crashes the site. This meant the site was unavailable for 2-3 hours a day.

Be assured that no data is breached when brute force attacks are used.

My web hosts have been working on the problem, and we have put a number of security measures in place to prevent this happening again. Unfortunately, for a small handful of people, the downside has been that, even though they were logged in, whenever they change to a different page they were logged out again.

We worked hard to come to some balance between having the site available, and the annoying inconvenience of having a few people having to keep logging in again.

In the meantime, one strategy is to navigate right up to the final page where you want to be, then login. You should be returned immediately to that final page you were on.

Also, when you know you will be working on the same files for a period of time, download them to your harddrive, then you know you have them available without having to rely on my site.

For some people, changing to a different computer and/or browser has worked. I myself am continually logged out using my iPad with Safari, yet have no problem when on iPhone or iMac.

For most people, my flushing out their registration and resetting it has cured the problem.