After you have gone through the process of searching for a particular piece of music, you can now “bookmark” that page without having to repeat the search again. Those pages then become more easily accessible from any page on my website. Note that it doesn’t place anything into your browser’s bookmarks/favourites system.

In essence, you create your own categories/folders into which you place your bookmarks. You can create as many categories as you like. Either create a single category to add this term’s pieces to, and remove them when the concert is over, adding new ones for the following concert. Or you can create separate categories/folders, for each concert. It’s entirely up to you.

Your Bookmarks are personal to you – they are stored with your logging details; no-one else can see them.

It is not worth bookmarking any of the pages you can get to with a single click, e.g. HOME or LOGIN / LOGOUT.

After each click you will need to give the program time to respond. You will see a whirly wheel going round – wait for it to stop before going on to the next step.

To create your first bookmarked page:

  1. Display the main page of the piece you want to bookmark, the one showing the voice parts and soundfiles, then click on the Bookmark icon at the top-left of this page.
  2. This opens up a window:
  3. The first time you add a bookmark you will need to click on “Add New Category”, e.g. “2017 Christmas”:
  4. Along the bottom, on the left, there are two “eye” symbols; make sure the left-hand one (open) eye is selected, as opposed to the right-hand one with a slash through it; it will turn blue. Click the blue tick. Your newly-created Category will appear in the Bookmark main window, with an empty checkbox to its left. Notice the Category has a “world” symbol on the right; if it has a “lock” symbol then the wrong eye symbol was selected and you will never see your bookmarks. You will need to choose “Manage Category” and click on the Category again; then click on the open eye symbol rather than the slashed-through eye:
  5. That’s created the Category; now click on the Category to bookmark your page to that category. You will see the checkbox now has a tick in it:
  6. In this example you could then, for each piece of music in the same concert, search to see if it’s on my site. If it is you can bookmark it to the same category.
  7. For a different concert, create another category (e.g. 2018 Spring) and add the bookmarked pages to that category in the same way. Or you could just have one category for all your needs, calling it “Bookmarks”, and then continually add and delete pages from it. But if you want to create separate categories, choose Add New Category and repeat Section 4 above:

  8. To remove a Bookmark for a particular page: Under MY BOOKMARK CATEGORIES on the right-hand side, click on the Category you put the bookmark in, or click on ALL. You will see a list of your bookmarks. Click on the dustbin icon next to the title you want to remove.
  9. To edit or remove a Bookmark Category: Under MY BOOKMARK CATEGORIES on the right-hand side, click on ALL. At the bottom of the list of Bookmarks will be a list of your Bookmark Categories with two icons: the first is an Edit icon so that you can change the name of the Category; the second is a dustbin icon to remove that Bookmark Category and all the Bookmarks it contains.

The Category names you created will appear on the right-hand side of each page, immediately below the Group Owners Dashboard link under the heading My Bookmarks. To see all the different pages that you have bookmarked in a particular Category, simply click on the Category name, and your clickable list will appear on the main part of the screen: