Avid Scorch

I have always included Avid Scorch (.sib) files for out-of-copyright pieces, but when Avid, the owners of Sibelius, introduced Sibelius for iPad in the summer of 2021, they decided to discontinue their Avid Scorch application.

Avid Scorch files not only loaded into the Avid Scorch program, but they would also load into the Sibelius program.

So, for all newly added out-of-copyright pieces, I will provide Sibelius (.sib) files in place of Avid Scorch files. They will still load into the Avid Scorch program for those who have it. They will also load into desktop/laptop Sibelius (from version 7 onwards). And they will load into the new Sibelius for iPad program.


2 October, 2021